I was re-imagining classic Etta today, seeing her as a big-time girl on the scene in Gateway City, a sometimes bartender, and all around affable larger-than-life figure who is a Texas expat bearing a wild pseudonym showing her lack of repentance for being a big girl. Roller Derby girls (which she must be) often go by funny and outrageous names, anyway. I  envisioned a scene of her telling a peer that her real name is Olive (the first name of one of Charles Moulton’s sister-wives, a Miss Byrne, FYI) and threatening bodily harm if said friend blabbed it. I also pictured her being a pitiable victim in her hometown, made fun of as “Fat Olive” and her exodus leading to her being reborn as the fearless Etta Candy.
Next, seeing Wonder Woman scrapping it up with a big, messy, and dangerous scene, the young woman who vowed to never be afraid again jumps into the fray, getting a fix of her new drugs of choice: ADRENALINE AND FREEDOM.
Rebel Wilson image: brilliant as hell, but Unknown.
Woo Woo redux: Alex Wright
Zombie Ass-Kicking Righteously Punk Etta: Ben Caldwell